The first TOYOTA sewing machine was built under the strict supervision of Kiichiro Toyoda himself, the founder of TOYOTA Motor Corporation. Kiichiro Toyoda had a strong belief that home-use products must be "functional" but yet "beautiful" at the same time. The first TOYOTA sewing machine HA-1 type was so highly evaluated that it was allowed to use the same TOYOTA trademark as the TOYOTA automobiles. Since then, TOYOTA sewing machine has continued to progress under the company mottoes of "Quality Supremacy", "User Friendliness" and "Elegant Appearance" with a strong emphasis on "Environmental Awareness".
TOYOTA SEWING MACHINE is a product of AISIN SEIKI CO., LTD, a TOYOTA group company.
1946 : Introduced the first TOYOTA sewing machine HA-1
1952 : Reached production of 100,000 units of sewing machines
1953 : Introduced first home-use zigzag sewing machine TZ-3
1961 : Introduced light alloy zigzag sewing machine Z7221
1962 : H222 awarded for it's excellent design (Japan, G-mark award)
Reached production of 1,000,000 units of sewing machiness
Opened New York office as a base of exporting sewing machines to U.S.A
1964 : First company to be recognized as a contributor to increasing Japan's export by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan
1965 : Reached production of 1,500,000 units of sewing machines
1966 : Opened Brussels office (Belgium) as a base of exporting sewing machines to Europe
1968 : Reached production of 2,000,000 units of sewing machines
1970 : Established AISIN U.S.A., INC. as a sales base of U.S.A
1971 : Introduced super auto zigzag sewing machine
Established AISIN EUROPE S.A. as a sales base of Europe
1972 : Introduced electrically powered (built-in motor) portable sewing machine
Established AISIN U.K. LTD to expand sales in U.K.
Established AISIN AUSTRALIA PTY., LTD. as a sales base of Australia
1973 : Introduced light alloy free arm zigzag sewing machine
Established LIBERTY MEXICANA S.A. DE C.V. and started manufacturing in Mexico
1976 : Introduced electronic sewing machine
Reached production of 3,000,000 units of sewing machines
1977 : Established AISIN ASIA PTE. LTD and started sales in Asia
1978 : Introduced compact sewing machine "Freenu" series
Established AISIN DEUTSCHLAND GmbH to expand sales in Germany
1979 : Introduced computer sewing machine
Established Elite Sewing Machine MFG. Co., Ltd and started manufacturing in Taiwan.
1984 : Introduced horizontal hook electronic sewing machine
1986 : Introduced the first single dial sewing machine in the world
1987 : Introduced mini- sewing machine
Entered mail order business in Japan
1988 : Introduced home-use over lock machine
1990 : Introduced the first horizontal hook mini sewing machine in the world.
1991 : Introduced 3D designed horizontal hook electronic sewing machine
1992 : Introduced computer sewing machine with monogramming function
1994 : Introduced SEWIE series based on a survey of 10,000 users.
1997 : Introduced the world wide hit series RS2000.
1999 : Reached production of 10,000,000 units of sewing machines.
2000 : Built the first memorial transparent sewing machine
Introduced full function Home-use over lock machine
Introduced millennium model sewing machine (Limited edition)
2002 : Introduced the EZ-ONE series (awarded G-mark, Japan)
2004 : Introduced the QB series (awarded G-mark, Japan)
2006 : Introduced the SP series in Europe
In October 1999, all domestic offices including the laboratory of AISIN SEIKI Japan obtained ISO 14001 certification. Our manufacturer Elite Sewing Machine MFG. Co., Ltd has achieved ISO 9002 certification.
*ISO 14001 : ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. ISO 14001 certification is the international standard for environmental management.
*ISO 9002 : ISO 9002 certification is the international standard of quality assurance for production processes and systems.