Combined installation is available! With the new series, it becomes possible to control the operation of the unit in combined regime,
which enables more efficient operation in response to changes of an air conditioning load.

Combined operation of 2 outdoor units allows you to correspond to mid to large scale commercial application needs. Not only will this results in significant energy saving, but it will also provide low-cost and year round comfort air-conditioning.

It operates efficiently in response to changes of an air conditioning load as well as helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

Available up to 50HP in 2 units combination

2 outdoor units can be freely selected and combined from among 16HP, 20HP, and 25HP types.

Available combinations
P450(16HP) 32HP36HP 41HP

Extensive design flexibility

A wide range of indoor units includes 9 models from P22 to P160 meets diversifying design needs of air conditioning.

Maximum number of connectable indoor unit: 41 units
Capacity of connectable indoor units: 50 to 130 %

*The value indicated above is for South Korean standard specifications only. The number of units and capacity in above chart may vary depending on the country and region.

Prolonged equipment lifecycle by smart balance control

In time-based duty cycling of linked outdoor units could balance the operation time of each outdoor unit in order to prolong the system life. Addition, since the periodic inspection interval can be synchronized, a maintenance schedule can be organized easily.

Example of time-based duty cycling
duty cycling

Lower plumbing costs, lower installation costs

Compared with multiple installation, combined installation case uses 50% less refrigerant pipeline. It becomes possible to reduce the space required to run the pipe work. The use of fewer pipes also brings down the cost of installation.

Required refrigerant pipeline (both vapor and liquid) Approx. 2/3 space than ever

Automatic backup operation

Automatic Backup Operation Automatic backup function*1 allows the unit to ensure safe operation when any trouble has occurred. Because the units in combined regime are connected as one refrigeration circuit (one pipeline for each vapor and liquid circulation), in case one fails, the other one automatically starts and/or continues the operation.
Note that the remaining unit can only perform at a unit capaciity.
Some models may require to start/restart the operation manually.
For more details, please contact the dealer whom you purchased the product or contact AISIN via inquiry form.
South Korean standard specification